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!!!RoadMusic AutoSync [Video Blog|?page=RoadMusic]
RoadMusic AutoSync revisits the common experience of listening to music while driving in a car by replacing sounds normally provided by media - radio, cd or mp3 player by a device which produces sounds from the action of the drive itself. Gear changes, vibrations, road surface, become the instruments playing music unique to each trip.

Le principe de RoadMusic – AutoSync réinvente l’expérience très commune d’écouter de la musique en voiture, en remplaçant le son produit habituellement par la radio, le lecteur cd ou mp3 par une installation qui produit des sons à partir de l’action de la conduite et de la voiture elle-même. Changements de vitesse, vibrations, état de la route, deviennent ainsi les instruments d’une musique propre à chaque voyage.

List of Publications + Documentation on the artistic use of sonification.


!!!locus sonus audio in art

Locus Sonus is a research group specialized in audio art. It is organized as a post graduate lab by the Art Schools of Aix-en- Provence (ESAA), Nice (ENSA Villa Arson) and Marseille (ESBAM) in the south of France. We have a partnership with sociology lab CNRS, LAMES Aix en Provence (who are interested by the way that practices related to new technologies are creating modifications in artistic production and the way that the public responds to these modifications), and we currently continue collaborations with the CRESSON, architecture lab CNRS in Grenoble (sonic spaces research centre), the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), and other international partners.
Locus Sonus is concerned with the innovative and transdisciplinary nature of audio art forms some of which are experimented and evaluated in a lab type context. An important factor is with the collective or multi-user aspects inherent to many emerging audio practices and which necessitate working as a group. Two main thematic define this research - audio in it's relation to space and networked audio systems.

''Locus Sonus est un laboratoire de recherche en art audio (École Supérieure d'Art d'Aix-en-Provence, École Nationale Supérieure d'Art de Nice Villa Arson, auxquelles s'associe l'École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Marseille depuis 2007).
Son objectif est d'expérimenter les aspects innovateurs et transdisciplinaires des formes artistiques sonores, en assurant sa mission de créer un corpus de connaissances et un espace critique vis-à-vis des activités et pratiques en art audio qui se trouve aujourd'hui en pleine évolution dans un contexte technologique et socio-technique fort.
Locus Sonus accueille un petit nombre d'artistes-chercheurs post-master qui constitue avec les membres permanents l'équipe de recherche.
Ce laboratoire propose des processus de travail, de recherche et de réalisation qui combinent l'expérimentation pratique et l'évaluation critique en interrogeant collectivement les environnements sonores selon deux axes: audio en espace, audio en réseau''


!!!Peter Sinclair et GH Hovagimyan collaborative works
G.H. Hovagimyan is an experimental cross-media and digital artist. He is one of a number of pioneering artists in New York who began working with the internet and new media in the early Nineties. The two artists have collaborated together on several works since 1996. Their collaborative works have been shown at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Marseille and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Lyon, France as well as Postmasters Gallery and Eyebeam in New York. Their piece, A SoaPOPera for Laptops, received an honorary mention in the computer music category at Ars Electronica in 1998


!!! Archives

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[Aeolian Car Door (1984)]


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