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The Orchestra

Loving the sound of breaking glass: article by Ronny Randall, ID magazine August 1987.

Peter Sinclair is a young English artist who has lived and worked in the South of France since the turn of the decade. During this time he has developed a rather becoming suntan and a distinctive and original style that always combines his three main interests - music, sculpture and performance. His work utilises the discarded flotsam and jetsam of middle class society - vacuum cleaners, car doors, wheels, bicycle pumps, footballs, fans oil drums... ooh! everything and anything you are likely to find in a typical garden shed or skip. Peter scoops up the debris , shuffles, cuts then re-assembles the bits into marvellous crackpot musical instruments/machines that ooze offbeat humour. Take for example the moonhopper, with its throbbing rythmic clatter, occasionally pausing to let off a long piercing, vibrating, fart of a sound. The eventual climax sees the bloated extraterestrial exploding into a million particles. Find also an old piano which sits on an old railway line that gets jacked up by a cogged wheel before being dropped to create a bloody great bo-oing! There's a car door which forms the frame for a harp with wires lashed across the window which are gently caressed by streamers that in turn are attached to a fan. The whole contraption sits wavering on an old industrial spring...more