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EntertainMe - Warhol Hijack (2001)

EntertainMe is a video-performance rant.. It was first presented at the Warhol Hijack (2001) as a looped installation video running on a laptop perched over a toilet bowl. In the toilet bowl was a voyeur webcam hooked to the internet. When web voyeurs logged on to the web site WE LIVE IN PUBLIC they expected to see a toilet view of someone's privates instead they got a harrassing video gnome saying "entertain me" and launching into a rant.

The Warhol Hijack was an "occupation/ intervention" in a voyeur loft wired up with cameras and microphones by Josh Harris for his project WE LIVE IN PUBLIC.

for the Wahol Hijack several artists lived in the space for a weekend and did continual performances with the intention of disrupting the web audiences expectations.

note: archive video from the surveillance tapes for the entire Warhol Hijack weekend is available.

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