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August 14, 2012 · Posted in Augmented Reality, Pixel Palace, Pixel Palace · Comment 

I’ve been trying to wrap my mind around using 3 kinect cameras to make a 360 degree live 3D video. I’m close. The code has compiled and is running but it appears that only two cameras are running. The mac mini has 3 USB ports but there might be a problem with the bus numbering. I’ll check tomorrow and maybe look for a bus hack or a way to number each bus exactly. I had some trouble with camera positioning and found that by changing the bus the camera views switched. So maybe that will be the solution. Anyway 3 cameras yield 120 degrees each and should be good for eliminating any infrared interference from cameras directly opposite each other. Now I’m working through what to do once the full 3D is working.
I was thinking of making an AR marker and then stream from meshlab to quartz composer. For content I have a couple of ideas. One is 3D Karaoke another is to use it in conjunction with performance or dancing and/or make an automated revolving virtual camera. It’s all doable but the question now becomes the content.

I got the 3 cameras working. It appears that kinect sets it viewpoint at single camera but if you use the camera fustrum in meshlab and drag the 3D video into the XYZ axis in the center you can revolve the 3D image properly.
Things have been quite frenetic here. The AIR’s (including me) did a presentation at Pixel Palace for Datarama, a new media demo party and then we just did a Monday morning presentation. Lucy Pawlak asked me to be a living avatar for her demo which involved her speaking through a wireless radio to me (feeding me lines via an earphone). That went well. I then did the 3D video but I added James Brown Music and asked Lucy to dance to demo the app. Now I’m working on 3D Karaoke. Anyway, one of the fun surprises was that Max Hattler (who is the other) artist and does terrific video mandala and motion works using video asked me about the T-shirt I was wearing. I got it from the Video_Dumbo festival as a gimme for sending some money into Kickstarter. The T-shirt has a white mandala on a black T. Max asked me what the small print under the T-shirt said and when I looked down I saw his name, Copyright Max Hattler! A wonderful coincidence.

Interesting enough the range of the 3 media artists Max, myself and Lucy take various position in the aesthetic discourse of new media. Max is doing a painstaking animation drawing individual lines something similar to Sol Lewitt and then animating them. He’s referring to video scan lines. Lucy is talking about the disjunction created by a mediated environment and I’m trying to humanize the inevitable merging of AR with RL. All of this while they’re celebrating the olympics here in the UK.

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