Final Days at Tyneside

September 4, 2012 · Posted in Documentation, Media Art, Pixel Palace, Pixel Palace · Comment 

Along with the Pixel Palace residency there’s also a young adults program called The Factory for people aged 13-19. I had an idea to do a projection mapping piece on the old Odeon theater facade that is directly across the street from the Tyneside. I was asked to do projection making piece for Flint Michigan and I thought his would be a good opportunity to learn the software. I downloaded VPT ands started working with it. I took photos of the Odeon facade and corrected the keystone effect to create a mask template. I then produced as of masks that the kids could use if they wanted to plug in their videos, animations etc.. I gave a demo lecture for the software and did a follow-up ands on tutorial with older “mentors.” The Factory has a structure of self-directed learning with older kids as mentors. I planted the seeds for a potential work but it remains to be seen if the kids will pick up on it.

I premiered the 3D Karaoke for a staff party for the Pixel Palace and Everyone had a great time. Of course there’s more work to be done but I was lucky insofar as the Pixel Palace had another digital artist form here, Tom Schofield help me to do the coding. I believe he will put out the Karaoke library he wrote to the processing site. I plan to give this version to the Pixel Palace to release on their website. Seems to me that it would be fun for more people to pick up on it and push it along. For myself I’d like to figure out how to get a 3rd USB bus working to have 3 discreet cameras. It doesn’t work with a USB hub. The most we’ve been able to get is two Kinects.

Saturday & Sunday we’ve had a meet the artists round of tours that has been quite a lot of fun. I’ve been talking with Dominic about open sourcing 3D Karaoke and Tom Schofield will probably be brought in to make a proper GIT-Hub set-up for software development. That’s pretty exciting. It opens up a whole area of working with other coders. I’ve only been a user of open source and now I get a chance to contribute. Very cool indeed!

Dominic has also mentioned that I could provide some content for basic FM. That’s their web radio station. I was thinking that Art Dirt Redux might working really well on it. I’l have to go through my files and have another listen. Could be a GH stealth retrospective of sound art!

On Friday August 31st They’ll be showing Plazaville here at the Tyneside in the Digital lounge. It’s on from 12 noon to 10pm. It’s the proper way to show the work. I’m totally pleased with the professionalism of the way this place is run.

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