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Aug 2009 - cd release episode 1
ohm avatar quebec qc —

18 Nov 2009 - sobralasolas! lecture by Björn Eriksson, Härnösand (SW) —

17 Jan 2010 - episode 2 premiere at deutschlandradio kultur berlin - ohrenstrand berlin (G) —

Dec 2010 - cd release episode 2 (excerpt)
EBU Acustica series - Art's Birthday 2005-2010 —

22 Jun 2012 - episode 3 premiere at grim marseille (F) —


Part 1: Presentation ?
Part 2: Ep1 system ?
Part 3: Spoken texts ?
Part 4: Jacques Derrida ?
Part 5: Luc Ferrari ?
Part 6: Work sources ?

Sobralasolas ! - episode 1 (2007/2008) - 60mn
Radiopera avec/with Caroline Bouissou (Caroline), Dinahbird (Bird), Björn Eriksson (Miulew), Jérôme Joy (Jerome), Kaffe Matthews (Mlle Jaune), Gregory Whitehead (TêteBlanche).
Réalisé par / Edited and produced by Jérôme Joy.
Commissioned by Festival SonoR Nantes (F) Feb 2007.
CD release OHM AVATAR (OHM 048) Quebec, Aug 2009.

Part 4: Jacques Derrida ?

The exploration of acoumastic listening within SOBRALASOLAS! episodes approachs different natures of tensions created by sound distance effects: absent/present, far/close, remote/local, etc. The use of recognizable sound, ambiances and voices implies virtual spaces and presences restored by the loudspeakers : sound scenography in space and time. These invisible presences are mixed with existing ambiances of our listening room(s), and impress our perception more or less durably : this second spaces and entities become familiar and friendly, converses with our own memory, and creates temporary and moving perspectives along the listening, like a phantom reality that waves around us. SOBRALASOLAS! plays with these invisible, impressive, and electroacoustic presences.

British filmmaker Ken McMullen's improvisational, non-linear film, 'Ghost Dance' (1983) concerns itself with various 'ghosts' (e.g., Kafka, Marx, Freud) and the issue of memory (the past) and how it functions in the present. Ghost Dance is a complex examination of ideas about ghosts, memory and the past seen across the adventures of two women (Pascale Ogier and Leonie Mellinger) in Paris and in London ... French philosopher Jacques Derrida plays 'himself' in the film and comments upon ghosts as they pertain to cinema and representation itself ... cinema, for Derrida, 'is the art of ghosts' and he regards himself - as portrayed in the film - as yet another ghost in whom he 'believes' ... modern technology (specifically, telecommunications), he says, instead of vanquishing ghosts, actually multiplies them ... however this is not necessarily negative - its quite the opposite - 'long live the ghosts!' he exclaims near the end of the clip. Jacques Derrida describes an 'unnatural' ghostly haunting whereby the dead are taken into us, but they are not internalized as they would be under more 'normal' circumstances (a psychoanalytic view of mourning) - he labels this as 'terrifying'.
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Part 5: Luc Ferrari ?

SOBRALASOLAS! ep1 (2007/2008) is produced in collaboration with Festival Sonor Nantes, Ohm Avatar Quebec, Locus Sonus , The Thing NYC,,, and

Graphisme / Cover art designer & graphics : Caroline Bouissou
Webdesign and webmaster : Jérôme Joy