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Aug 2009 - cd release episode 1
ohm avatar quebec qc —

18 Nov 2009 - sobralasolas! lecture by Björn Eriksson, Härnösand (SW) —

17 Jan 2010 - episode 2 premiere at deutschlandradio kultur berlin - ohrenstrand berlin (G) —

Dec 2010 - cd release episode 2 (excerpt)
EBU Acustica series - Art's Birthday 2005-2010 —

22 Jun 2012 - episode 3 premiere at grim marseille (F) —


Part 1: Presentation ?
Part 2: Ep1 system ?
Part 3: Spoken texts ?
Part 4: Jacques Derrida ?
Part 5: Luc Ferrari ?
Part 6: Work sources ?

Sobralasolas ! - episode 1 (2007/2008) - 60mn
Radiopera avec/with Caroline Bouissou (Caroline), Dinahbird (Bird), Björn Eriksson (Miulew), Jérôme Joy (Jerome), Kaffe Matthews (Mlle Jaune), Gregory Whitehead (TêteBlanche).
Réalisé par / Edited and produced by Jérôme Joy.
Commissioned by Festival SonoR Nantes (F) Feb 2007.
CD release OHM AVATAR (OHM 048) Quebec, Aug 2009.

Part 3: Spoken texts ?

For documentation here are two examples of text "scores" written and performed by Têteblanche (Gregory Whitehead) and Bird (DinaBird) along the recordings they did for the first episode. The performative aspect is obviously not present while reading these two examples, but these documents can give a good approach of the richness of involvement of each sobralasolaser and how each contribution draws branches and puts a stone to the SOBRALASOLAS's web.
FOUR FIFTHS        (GW - Têteblanche)

The of and a
To in is you
That it he was
For on are as
With his they, I ..... at!

Be this have from,
or one had by word
but not what all were we
when your can said:
there, use and each,
which she do,

How their if will up other
about out many, then them these,
so some, here, would make like him,
into time has look

Two more write: go see number.
No way could people my then first.
Water been call, who oil its now.

Find long down day.
Did get.
Come made.
May part.

Over new sound
Take only little work
Know place year live
Me back give most
Very after thing
Our just name

Good sentence man
Think, say great!
Where help through much before

Line right, too
Mean old any same -----

Tell boy: follow
Came, want show.
Also, around form three,
Small set put end does another

Well, large must big even such
Because turn here, why ask?
Went men; read need.

Land different home;
us move.

Try kind hand
Picture again, change.
Off play, spell air away.

Animal house
point page letter
Mother answer; found study
Still learn, should America -- world

High every near add food
Between own below country plant
Last school, father keep tree
Never start city

Earth, eye, light, thought , head
Under story saw left

Don't few while along
might close something seen?
Next hard open example
Begin life.

Always those both paper together
Got group often run important...
until children

Side feet car.
Mile night walk.
White sea began.

Took river four.
Carry state once.
Book, hear, stop without second.
Later miss idea enough: eat face.

Watch far indian.
Really, almost let above girl sometimes mountain!

Cut young soon
List song being
Leave family ---


Transcript of VOIX WITH SLIGHT DELAY        (DB - Bird)

The pink Casanova poodle is everywhere...puffa jackets... multicoloured kids rucksacks..

very cold.. very cold.. very foggy kind of cold that gets into your bones..and stays there..

Today San Michele cemetery island..filing cabinets of dead people.. about ten storeys high...plastic flowers everywhere.. and gravel.. english speaking english..and cypress trees.

I keep thinking of all the islands in the lagoon which used to be leper colonies, or mental asylums or sanitoriums..

No particularly kind faces..creatures..or people I want to look at twice.

Chicken livered old ladies in their furry coats.

Blue sky and sun.

There is a woman standing next to me who is about my height.. not very big..very skinny, with flesh coloured tights and little white ankle socks..not very many people got off the boat.. surprisingly enough. Tartan slippers.. tiny woman, thin woman, pointy nose.. and a moustache. Straight brown hair and a big fringe, greasy hair.

But the TV is on. TV is on. And it is a programme called Casa dell' amore, House of Love.

And there is all these old Italian couples.. and they come on and they talk about their first kiss .. and how they met.

Scarf round the head.

Are the men jealous? What is their favourite meal?

Filing cabinets of dead people. Plastic flowers.. What was it like when they got married? Only plastic flowers.

Wonderful bra shop.. wonderful bra with kind of corsets in it.

Building.. big ugly mechanical looking things.. a casa dell'amore. House of Love.

Don't see the office of the dead.

Competition somewhere down in Naples I think.

Usually a kind of .. got lost .. seppia colour.

Part 4: Jacques Derrida ?

SOBRALASOLAS! ep1 (2007/2008) is produced in collaboration with Festival Sonor Nantes, Ohm Avatar Quebec, Locus Sonus , The Thing NYC,,, and

Graphisme / Cover art designer & graphics : Caroline Bouissou
Webdesign and webmaster : Jérôme Joy