(episodes by nocinema artists)
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The Interludes are personal interpretations of the nocinema system by each nocinema artist. Each one of them chooses a filmic sequence
of live webcams that creates a possible fiction, associated to a live automatic mix with their own sounds picked up into the existing database.
This series of "short movies" is a variation of nocinema.

After clicking, the process runs automatically. For a better viewing and listening experience, your can use your speakers and a fullscreen mode browser.

Troubleshooting issues and faq
Troubleshooting issues

This website uses pop-up windows, ActiveX controls & embedded Flash elements to display and navigate through nocinema. So you must disable any pop-up blocker and make sure you have the latest version of Flash Player installed and javascript still enabled on your browser. On Internet Explorer you may see a Security Warning dialog box depending on your security settings, so, in order to load the project as expected, click yes to accept the ActiveX control if it's required.

Images : when windows remain blacks or frozen after a couple of minutes or more, this may be due to a webcam breakdown (but be careful, black screens are also voluntarly inserted); in this case and in order to restart the images sequence while the sound continues, close the nocinema window and click on "Cam Relauncher" you may find at the top left of the back window. If you still can't operate, force to quit any window and open a new one with the URL to follow a new session.
Sound : if you get no sound, first check your sound volume settings and the version of your Flash Player plugin; Firefox users type in your url location : about:plugins; Safari users click on Help and Installed Modules; Internet Explorer users, go to Tools> Internet Options, History> Parameters, Show Objects. The sound is independent of the images window.

On osX : tested on FireFox 2 & 3, Safari 2 & 3, Camino 1.5, Shiira 2.2 and Opera 9.2. (problems on IE 5)
On Win XP and Vista : tested on FireFox 2 & 3 and IE 6 & 7.
On Linux : tested on Firefox 2. (other tests in progress)
All platforms : the project is better viewed by hiding permanent navigation bars and activating the fullscreen mode. The use of speakers is highly recommended.
Compatibilites : Flash 10

if you encounter any bugs or problem, please do post your issue here.