nocinema radiomix
mixeur pour radiodiffusion
audio mixer for radio broadcasting

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radiomix is an audio-only & automatic interface and variation issued from nocinema. The interface looks like a 4-tracks mixer but with an absent essential feature :
you can't select sound that appears on-the-fly on each track. The mix you play or you listen to is unique and strengthens the electroacoustic or even radiophonic aspects
of the nocinema project. You can be a listener only as much as you become a player if you begin to play with the simple controls on this online mixer but without knowing
what sound will succeed those you listen to and play with at the moment. You can use Radiomix such as a system of instantaneous composition or even such as a cagean musicircus
based on listening. Radiomix was developed starting from a request by a radio station which wanted to broadcast a nocinema version on air, so without the visual part.

If problem occurs, please do post your issue