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iEMS Into the Electromagnetic Spectrum

An introduction to the spectrum map by and with the students of the schools of art in Nice and Aix-en-Provence (France)

On March 2009 we did some mapping and managed to understand the radioelectric spectrum from a varied sort of perspectives. From satellite spotting, to radio frequency scannings that include Air Traffic Control, Weather Fax telemetry from satellites, G.P.S tracking and satellite spotting. Plus few walks in the city measuring electrosmog while scanning/sniffing wireless video.

For the first workshop in Aix-en-Provence we invited Roger Malina to talk about Dark Matter - Dark Energy. He couldn't join us but suggested a great spot in outskirts of the St. Victoire mountain where 9 of us went to have a memorable night.

The second workshop came to an end on friday, we had the special visit of Horia Cosmin from Ghostlab , he manage to made a clear example of many of the things I was presenting in the prvious days. Some 8 students where present and I have to say that Julien Dutertre had an impressive amount of good feedback that if I had known before he was to be present the whole workshop would have been re-structured so to get more collaboration flowing (including more arduino tinkering with servos and streams)

Below I will be tracing the links to some sounds, images and even a the GPS tracklog from our walk in Aix. (This will be up and linked soon)

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