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-What to do first after receiving the streambox?

You must read first the Locustream guidelines (registration, etc.) here:

-What type of power supply does the box use?

Ideally: Compact size AC adapter, saves space on power strips. Input voltage 100-240 V AC, 47-63 Hz. Output voltage 18 V DC, 800mA or more. High efficiency. 2.1 mm jack, center positive. So any 12volts adapter that is in the range of the 800mA and the 1A will do oke. And yes, It can be powered via PoE (power over ethernet)

-What steps should I follow when I receive my streambox?

1.connect a network cable that has internet connection, VGA monitor (blue connector), keyboard and mouse.

2.plug the juice (electricity power), follow the boot process or, in case you have no screen, wait for at least 1-3 minutes then,

3.if you have a screen, you will have the chance to see the puredata patch, use this 3 boxes to input your information. Is important you click enter after you enter your data. If the infos remain in the box, it means they where entered properly, if they dissapear please repeat the process. Click the box, enter your info, click enter.

4.check on this page to see if your stream gets listed, reload the page after one minute in case is not there: The pd patch will also tell you if the stream is up, with the pages sent status.

5.finally open with VLC your stream URL, get it by right clicking on the icon of the speaker and copying the link. Proceed to VLC for pasting it inside the http field of the window that VLC opens when you do ctrl+n: will be able to listen to your own stream with the delay of the signal bouncing back from the icecast-streaming server in france. soon is up and your are happy, report it to the locus stream mailing list.


Learn to power off the box from within the software option, aka shutdown, found under right click.


-To shutdown or reboot the machine please use the menu that appears with a right click anywhere on the desktop:

-Is this box autonomous: it doesnt need any computer, only an internet connection (ethernet) and a mike?

It is a small computer in itself, a silent one since it doenst need a fan to cool itself. it has a sound card, video out, 2USB and a network card.. so yes, its like plug and play for the streams.

-Is it possible to configure my own IP adress and DNS?

The first thing to try is to click on the little last icon up in the right corner, this will bring up the network manager where we can hopefully configure a manual network connection, the icon looks like this one below:

-How do I move a window?

Press the command key and drag the window with the mouse.

What if i get few and in red FAILED errors when the box is booting?

-please read this log:

Only for people with a streambox from the first release, KRN-Dakar and Bjorn-Solleftea

you might need to take the little jumper cable from the monitor output out to connect a monitor and see/fine tune the patch to your microphone level inputs:

is somehow important that you dont turn on the device without that little connector, is a BUG im trying to fix now. THE BUG WAS FIXED WITH A BIOS UPDATE