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Alejo Duque

things to read/write/do or think about:

  1. Workshop 2012 Aix-en-Provence Signal-Noise-Signal
  2. a cpp API that looks interesting (relates to last summer gumstix pda port):
  3. on the "Noise" idea, here an algorythm to consider:
  4. data radio
  5. greenbots usando zigbees
  6. ~-note to self: subir a voyeurismo auditivo-~
  7. a possible second floor for ping the vatican variations related to trafficking
  8. a third floor using the idea of tunneling and dissecting the packets received by a ping. Tunneling
  9. use festival for ping
  10. Notes for a liveCD version planktumIII aka Locus Sonus based on pure:dyne
  12. After moving wiki pages from public to private i found this page where i gather stuff for my short presentation during the symposium: Game Environments
  13. hcitool, sdp and btscanner. The last one stands for bluetooth scanner, an application installed on my linux box to allow passive/non-intrusive scanning of bt devices, useful for "La Defence"?
  14. After the FACE workshop I inherited and ArtBus board from Robb Drinkwater this is what I manage to develop with it. Step motors
  15. Second_Life_Land1 On how to get some SL space where to build, report from the first meeting.
  16. LAC2008 Notes from Köln (Linux Audio Conference)
  17. via SOUP here the continuation in LS terms of the streambox-> StreamBox Alix v.0.1
  18. meta_atelier, congres singulier, Antonio Negri notes
  19. Network audit how to have notions if a network connection is stable enough for an audio stream (Pauline Oliveros @ Camargo stream test # 1)
  20. Finally we have a place where to build in Second Life, here i will collect screenshots of the process you are welcome to add more. :P SecondLife Screenshots
  21. here some G.P.S + google earth maps plus more stuff to come soon: Workshop ESBAM2008
  22. here some notes from the 2 workshops done in march 2009 at ESAA (Aix-en-Provence) and Nice (Villa Arson) titled: Into the Electromagentic Spectrum aka iEMS
  23. here the URLS from the last workshop: