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Scott Fitzgerald

Quick thoughts on some different ideas that I have been kicking around, some spurred by recent discussions, others are residual from prior to my trip across the Atlantic. In no particular order :

  1. The sounds of travel, motion. What happens when we place this in a static environment? What happens when we listen to something static while in transit? How can this be accomplished? mobile microphone, grps. I'd like to attach a mic to the front wheel of a bicycle and stream it, or at the very least, record it. Synch it up with video of the motion. how does this difference between a linear motion (visual) and the aural motion (moving in a circular motion, like a sine wave) play itself out when presented together? Separate?
  2. Manipulate a 3d space that correlates to "real space." Online environment that influences real world. each person online is in charge of a sound source in the real space, which they can move around. what happens when no one is online to manipulate aural space? What happens when no one is present in the physical space, but people are manipulating sounds? I have some patches for this already that just need to be fleshed out a bit more.
  3. What happens when our notion of where a sound is coming from is disrupted? A room with a sound source per person. As people enter the room, the sound follows them, but lights along the walls continually move away from them. people tend to attribute movement and sight with sound, what happens when we start to undermine these correlations?
  4. related to the ping ideas, a series of speakers, each playing a stream from a remote location, rest on the floor. they move closer to or further away from the center of the space, based on the amount of time it takes for information from the room to the remote location and back again.
  5. how can we visualize localized sound without being too didactic?
  6. still in love with numbers stations : msterious and cryptic networks disseminated over shortwave radio. anyone want to get a license?