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''''%Scott Fitzgerald%''''

A quikc rundown of the trajectory of the work i've been doing on my own last few months.


in the chartreuse, we talked about 2nd life, the virtual and the real, and i started developing an application that had a few distinct components, but the basic idea was this : there is a space in the real world, a room, with a 4 speaker spat.  people can move about in the room.  a camera watches people in the room.  the image of the people in the room is superimposed into a 3d environment that is streaming online.  people can dl or otherwise access clients that show the 3d environment and the rewal world environment.  people watching online can control the location of sounds in space remotely, movig an avatar around.  a conversation starts.  people in the space and people far away have a common ground, mediated thru a computer.

next, i scrapped the 3d and went for a 2d implementation, since i was only usig 2 axis anyhow.

This was then changed to a localized spatialization application using people as the spatialization tools, creating the spat from the location of people in the space.  this was somewhat a tangent from a different idea i had about perception of light in relation to sound, but that's another topic.

The above ideas were using the streams as source material for sound.

for the esaa portes ouverte i couldn't execute an implementation of the last idea, because it requires an overhead camera, abdnd the space does not allow that.  So i changed it to a fac tracking program, and here's where the larger change in kmy thinking happened, i used the image of the people to create and form the buffers that were being used as LUT for the sound source.  now it was sound, purely of the space, the creation of the sounds was dependent on the presence and location of the people.  their actions defined the space, the sound.

so that's where i am on that so far (pardon the rambles)