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''''%Alejo Duque%''''

!! things to read/write/do or think about:

# Workshop 2012 Aix-en-Provence
# Workshop 2012 Aix-en-Provence [Signal-Noise-Signal]
# a cpp API that looks interesting (relates to last summer gumstix pda port):
# on the "Noise" idea, here an algorythm to consider:
# data radio
# greenbots usando zigbees
# ~-note to self: subir a voyeurismo auditivo-~
# a possible second floor for ping the vatican variations related to trafficking
# a third floor using the idea of tunneling and dissecting the packets received by a ping. [Tunneling]
# use festival for ping
# [Notes for a liveCD] version planktumIII aka Locus Sonus based on pure:dyne
# After moving wiki pages from public to private i found this page where i gather stuff for my short presentation during the symposium: [Game Environments]
# hcitool, sdp and btscanner. The last one stands for bluetooth scanner, an application installed on my linux box to allow passive/non-intrusive scanning of bt devices, useful for "La Defence"?
# After the FACE workshop I inherited and ArtBus board from Robb Drinkwater this is what I manage to develop with it. [Step motors]
# [Second_Life_Land1] On how to get some SL space where to build, report from the first meeting.
# [LAC2008] Notes from Köln (Linux Audio Conference)
# via SOUP here the continuation in LS terms of the streambox-> [StreamBox Alix v.0.1]
# meta_atelier, congres singulier, [Antonio Negri] notes
# [Network audit] how to have notions if a network connection is stable enough for an audio stream (Pauline Oliveros @ Camargo stream test # 1)
# Finally we have a place where to build in Second Life, [here|SecondLife Screenshots] i will collect screenshots of the process you are welcome to add more. :P [SecondLife Screenshots]
# here some G.P.S + google earth maps plus more stuff to come soon: [Workshop ESBAM2008]
# here some notes from the 2 workshops done in march 2009 at ESAA (Aix-en-Provence) and Nice (Villa Arson) titled: Into the Electromagentic Spectrum aka [iEMS]
# here the URLS from the last workshop: []