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this page is a complement of the help pages:
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  1. keyboard commands: to edit a page → crtl 5 - to save a page → crtl S
  2. to insert a picture: 1. download it into dropbox> coordination > wiki - 2. type the url of your picture into the wiki page:
  3. url of the RSS file:
  4. list of all the pages of the wiki in alphabetic order: click the Search button with a blank field
  5. to force a break line: %%
  6. to insert stickies in a page : it appears on the right with a yellow background '=le texte du post-it='
  7. you can use this wiki on a another computer with using your password, but be careful, don't forget to delete the cookie after using : Read the howto

some features to develop :

  1. to add a back button into the menu - ok, template.html, 080222 -
  2. action open.window for the url http - ok, index.php, line 413 415 417, 080222 -
  3. paragraph: type twice return button
  4. <hr noshade size="1" align="left"/> - ok, index.php, line 445, 080222 -
  5. access to wikipedia pages: [?Wiki] for french wikipedia (or language of your own OS), [%Wiki] for english wikipedia - ok, index.php, 080222 -
  6. creation of stickies: '=le texte du post-it=' - ok, index.php, line 461 462, 080222 -
  7. to propose to receive daily by mail the RSS feed with the updated and new wiki pages (mail address of subscription: labo(at) ). See
  8. to find an easier way to insert pictures (currently we need to put pictures by ftp on the server before inserting them)
  9. to update the wiki with already developed features (see 0.4dev version)
  10. to increase the number of items in the RSS file - ok, 30 last modifications, wkp_Rss.php, 080222 - ok, 10 last modifications, wkp_Rss.php, 080225 (more suitable to a subscription RSS by mail)
  11. to increase the number of files into the Recent Changes page - ok, 100 last files, index.php, line 350, 080222 -
  12. to add a description or the beginning of the page into each entry of the RSS file
  13. to add on the menu bar: go back, refresh, Aide access, Pages Index, Eff.cookie - ok, template.html, 080225