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WEB.TV workshop La Friche

One week workshop with students from the art schools of Valence, Aix-en-Provence and ESBAM (Marseille)

Based on the http://apo33.org linux liveCD distribution called apodio http://www.apo33.org/apodio/doku.php

julien ottavi and francois

basic streaming set

The set was quite limited to the use of archived videos and a usb camera, we had all sort of technical problems with the ATI video card and had to use pure:dyne and the apo33 puredata patches for a live performance that Agnes

Even though we didn't do real time video streams (just a short friday test using the GISS network http://giss.tv), I came out with the feeeling that workshop didn't touched the importance of the social network that is part of any web.tv project. For me is crucial that any attemp to create independent media is tied to the place where it originates and should revert and make stronger such community. I have the intention to continue the talks around this with Sylvain and Francois and some of the students in Aix.


This is the URL of the site where students documented their week at La Friche: http://webtv.lafriche.org