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Linux Kernel v2.6.21-gentoo Configuration
IP: tunneling
x x
x Tunneling means encapsulating data of one protocol type within x
x another protocol and sending it over a channel that understands the x
x encapsulating protocol. This particular tunneling driver implements x
x encapsulation of IP within IP, which sounds kind of pointless, but x
x can be useful if you want to make your (or some other) machine x
x appear on a different network than it physically is, or to use x
x mobile-IP facilities (allowing laptops to seamlessly move between x
x networks without changing their IP addresses). x
x x
x Saying Y to this option will produce two modules ( = code which can x
x be inserted in and removed from the running kernel whenever you x
x want). Most people won't need this and can say N. x
x x
x Symbol: NET_IPIP [=n] x
x Prompt: IP: tunneling x
x Defined at net/ipv4/Kconfig:230 x
x Depends on: NET && INET x
x Location: x
x -> Networking x
x -> Networking support (NET [=y]) x
x -> Networking options x
x -> TCP/IP networking (INET [=y]) x
x Selects: INET_TUNNEL