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-> description of the Linux OS implementation on the ASUS and the next developments we need (we may ask Guillaume to do a list and a manual on the wiki) // reboot system [streambox]
-> possibility to download from the website the mini-Linux distrib with third parties
-> specifications of the ASUS and the Linux environment implemented on the ASUS
-> need to develop or to find an ogg encoder for this distrib
-> mic + preampli
-> development of solar batteries to obtain an autonomous and mobile streambox (?)
-> and so on

!!Locustream Promenade
-> finalisation de l'installation et du dispositif (voir projet La Défense)
-> construction paraboles (Julien)
-> OpenWRT + encoder ogg (Alejo) [streambox]
-> optimisation du patch Puredata Locustream (login/psw server) et serveur Icecast (Scott)
-> recherche: autonomie du dispositif/parabole (connectique, énergie, ...)
-> voir connectivité (satellite), ''voir plus bas''

-> as I explained yesterday, we must install the new PHP environment on the nujus server. Stephane is not free these days but he's always ok to finish this installation. Last tests with this new PHP system to open automatically a stream which will be recognized on the map and on the various Pd patches we're using with our installations and projects. (to improve the new features and functions and to fix up the last problems).'''Derniers tests en cours'''
-> upgrade the system by integrating the current streamers into the new PHP config (mailing list Locustream)
-> optimisation of the Locustream PD Patch (Scott) and optimisation of the Icecast2 config on the server (Scott). To update the Pd patch (Locustream) with this new call (to hide the Icecast psw or to find a solution to fix a function into the patch to download on-line the psw on the server). Optimisation of the accesses on different ports.

-> to preview the second call to open streams
-> what kind of next developments we need to preview on this project regarding this next step? maybe this can help us to focus on works concerning the microphones (amplifiers, quality, etc.) with the streamers' team (Locustream mailing list)
-> to develop the social aspects of this project....

-> to find a satellite internet connexion, ''voir plus haut, Locustream Promenade''
-> Wimax France?
-> Wifi USB antennas, and home-made ones, and so on (things to facilitate mobility from connectivity)

!!2nd Life
-> from the first project (LS in SL), what tracks we want to develop (voir workshop FACE, Wii)
-> to find a land in 2ndL or to be hosted on a land (Alejo)
-> Islands: Orange Island (Orange Labs, Emmanuel Mahé) (Alejo)
-> compte Sonus Kidd, 13200 Linden $ (Alejo)
-> to dig and to open questions and experimentations involved into mixed-realities and variable medias and flux
-> Brett ? (voir projet FACE/PUF)
- suivi second life (EESATI / Locus Sonus)

!!Locustream and live sound spatialization
-> after the Sabrina's project (Concert sympathique mondial), some experimentations could be followed with the GMEM about systems of performances or installations which involve sound spatialization and articulations of streams in space, controlled by movements and courses by streamers...
-> this can be a branch we could develop around the topic of ambiances, sound environment, mixed environment with singular streams (a new soundscape composed with or from singular and distant separated streams), ...

-> we didn't have enough developed experiences and performances with wimicams, we need to find time to explore the various possibilities with these instruments
-> we need to implement the controllers on the second wimicam to have a functional pair
-> to launch and to list experimentations we would develop with...

-> it seems that a lot of various dimensions of the public (listener, on-line listener, streamer, and so on) are present in the different projects we're developing / public as performers / public as actor and controller of points of views / public as selector into environments and ambiances / playgrounds and sound-care / and so on
-> these questions can be developed with the LAMES of course, but we need to question a little bit more and to define a series of problems we're opening


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