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|l Study of [Locustream open-mikes]|tl ''descriptive approach of the first phase of webmikes' development (06/2006 - 07/2007)''|
|tl [remote sound recording]|l ''the development of the live and continuous streaming open-mikes offers in parallel or in the following of the focusing on remote listening aspects and practices, an approach of remote sound recording. As live available sound material, continuously updated, the streams become permanent sources. In regular sound recording, we know how to manage focus, selection, preparation and previews of sound events and occurrences, because we're part of the sound context (proprioperception). What happens when we're separated from the context (like we should be blind) and how are we fixing up protocols of recording and of sound selections, and at the same time, how do we in a situation of selection into the recorded sound sequences ? The intention and the act of intentionality are delayed after recording and composing (after to improvise or to systemize with the sound streaming system) could become an amplification or a moving effect of fictioning with unpredictable sound sequences. This could be a renewal of field recording and of acousmatic genre.'' |

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