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Our first week of work saw us testing ourselves til the last day when, after scanning the networks via kismet, we discovered an unknow open Access Point with essid "Default". While we where checking the best spot for signal strengh Peter went around asking people where this 2.4ghz base could be located. He found the source and came back to us. The A.P was in a straigh line that crossed 3 walls but we were lucky enough to find it cause there where 2 doors and one window that perfectly aligned with it.

From there on things continue to surprise us, just one door, to the other side, separated the AP from the Frescos room. A perfect place to set up a Locus Sonus stream: (check the link named MAP here:

After this was set, we moved to meet Julien to set up microphones inside the big hall once used by the Choeur des Peres

Siljke played with her voice and explored the different spaces, she walked til the Chapel of the Frescos to finish her performance:

We hope to soon have a mix of the recordings done during our last day in La Chartreuse

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