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[5:23] Connecting to in-world Voice Chat...
[5:24] Connected
[5:27] Terraformer Vehicle 1.03: Only the owner can control the Terraformer!
[5:51] You: hello Educator
[5:51] abf1 Racecourse: hello
[5:51] abf1 Racecourse: i am aurélien
[5:52] You: so, you think renault will be strong this next F1 season?
[5:52] You: :)
[5:52] You: im alejo
[5:52] You: nice to meet you
[5:52] abf1 Racecourse: i am not sure about renault
[5:52] abf1 Racecourse: meet 2
[5:53] You: seems we are under water here
[5:53] abf1 Racecourse: sure ?
[5:53] You: yes
[5:53] You: look at this boat
[5:54] You: i will walk out to the dry
[5:55] You: funny coordinates for a meeting
[5:55] abf1 Racecourse: yeah
[5:55] You: reason why we need to buy land
[5:55] You: :)
[5:55] abf1 Racecourse: i understand
[5:56] You: do you have a place for EESI already?


[5:57] abf1 Racecourse: not yet we are in a long time process about the buying of the island
[5:57] abf1 Racecourse: but it could be fast
[5:58] You: i've heard is as difficult to get land in SL as in Flife
[5:58] You: first life
[5:58] You: but i hope it can be fast
[5:58] abf1 Racecourse: yeah it's hard
[5:58] abf1 Racecourse: complexe
[5:58] abf1 Racecourse: and for a school's administration more !
[5:58] You: there are some brokers in ebay
[5:59] You: thats right
[5:59] You: lets see what jerome can tell us
[5:59] abf1 Racecourse: ok
[5:59] You: since Locus Sonus has a bit of independence from the main institutions budget
[6:00] You: so sometimes its easy and fast to buy things
[6:00] abf1 Racecourse: for us we have our ARC (atelier research and creation) and we have a budget for
[6:01] You: my first life avatar is in Switzerland and the clock of the church banged 3 times
[6:01] You shout: jerome where are you?
[6:01] abf1 Racecourse: but we did'nt buy an island yet because we are still in a reflection process with students
[6:02] You: i see
[6:02] You: i have to read the forum
[6:02] You: thanks for it
[6:02] abf1 Racecourse: that's why i give you access
[6:03] You: yeap, i need to look at the threads
[6:03] You: btw, send hellos to Hubertus
[6:03] You: i had him as a teacher in EGS
[6:03] abf1 Racecourse: of course i do
[6:03] You: tx
[6:04] abf1 Racecourse: really ?
[6:04] abf1 Racecourse: good
[6:04] You: yes, 2 times
[6:04] You: Greg lyn
[6:04] You: once he invited a photographer called lewis baltz
[6:04] You: and then with an architect
[6:04] You: uhm
[6:04] You: Greg lynn
[6:05] You shout: jerome whe are here!
[6:04] abf1 Racecourse: ok
[6:04] You: theres is jerome
[6:05] JJJ Tone: hi scott
[6:05] You shout: jerome we are here!
[6:05] You: walk out of the water
[6:05] droolcup Hastings: hello entlemen
[6:05] You: follow me jerome
[6:06] abf1 Racecourse: hello
[6:06] JJJ Tone: salut tous
[6:06] You: salut jj
[6:06] abf1 Racecourse: salut salut
[6:06] JJJ Tone: scott you're alive?
[6:06] JJJ Tone: droolcup is a member of Locus Sonus
[6:07] JJJ Tone: scotty in real life ;-)
[6:07] JJJ Tone: so quelles nouvelles les amis?
[6:07] JJJ Tone: j'ai lu rapidement la présentation de votre projet
[6:07] abf1 Racecourse: oui et il a évolué
[6:07] JJJ Tone: ah ah , so?
[6:07] abf1 Racecourse: enfin un peu ;)
[6:08] JJJ Tone: comment peut-on envisager les choses?
[6:08] abf1 Racecourse: comme je disais tout à l'heure nous sommes encore en phase de prospection avec nos étudiants
[6:08] abf1 Racecourse: dans l'ARC
[6:09] abf1 Racecourse: on a fait le budget mais vu que nous sommes dans une réflexion globale sur la notion d'avatar (multi-support) nous n'avaons pas encore
[6:09] abf1 Racecourse: franchi le pas de l'achat de l'île
[6:10] JJJ Tone: ok
[6:10] abf1 Racecourse: en francais ça va pour tout le monde ?
[6:10] JJJ Tone: yes sir
[6:10] abf1 Racecourse: donc on en est là
[6:10] abf1 Racecourse: et votre demande nous a relancé
[6:10] abf1 Racecourse: car nous étions en plein doute sur l'achat...
[6:10] JJJ Tone: pour l'achat c'est une question de mécanique administrative ?
[6:11] abf1 Racecourse: oui et non, on a l'avale et l'argent, c'est plutot nous en terme de pédagogie
[6:11] JJJ Tone: de notre côté nous avions ausi prospecté l'année dernière pour l'achat d'un terrain...
[6:12] abf1 Racecourse: car au départ nous s'était vraiement pour réfléchir sur les questions d'avatarisation
[6:12] JJJ Tone: et cela avait été un peu compliqué,d'où notre idée d'aller vers l'acquisition d'une île ...
[6:12] abf1 Racecourse: et on est arrivé a se demander si on allait vraiment acheter ou pas
[6:12] JJJ Tone: pour avoir plus de liberté de manoeuvre et de programmation
[6:12] JJJ Tone: ok
[6:13] JJJ Tone: pour l'instant votre travail pédagogique se mène plutôt sur l'ensemble du monde 2ndL ou dans les sndboxes?
[6:13] abf1 Racecourse: oui oui, surtout que nous voulons faire intervenir des gens donc sur le principe l'île est nécessaire, après notre projet est assez large
[6:13] abf1 Racecourse: pour l'instant nous avons étudié SL plan par plan
[6:14] abf1 Racecourse: détails par détails pour comprendre les mécanismes, les possibiltés, la socio, etc
[6:14] abf1 Racecourse: pas encore de passages à l'acte franc
[6:14] JJJ Tone: ok,mais j'ai lu aussi votre idée d'une "seconde" Ecole ...
[6:15] JJJ Tone: alejo,tu arrives à suivre?
[6:15] abf1 Racecourse: hum.. ça c'est Hubertus en complément de notre ARC, un sujet post-pédago
[6:15] You: oui oui
[6:15] You: je comprend
[6:15] abf1 Racecourse: ok alejo :)
[6:16] You: so, we have some more time ahead of us to "materialize" the achat
[6:17] JJJ Tone: yes, indeed, but with Locus Sonus, we need to have a short perspective to develop research and realizations in SL
[6:17] abf1 Racecourse: i understand so how can we proceed


[6:17] JJJ Tone: our initial idea should be to mutualize resources in SL,educational ones and research ones
[6:18] JJJ Tone: in France
[6:18] JJJ Tone: this could be undestood by DAP (Ministry)
[6:18] abf1 Racecourse: it's a good idea, that what we expected with your propose
[6:18] abf1 Racecourse: have you already the DICREAM ?
[6:18] JJJ Tone: and to ask budgets for this project, but I don't know
[6:19] JJJ Tone: yes we have it
[6:19] abf1 Racecourse: specialy for SL ?
[6:19] abf1 Racecourse: or for Locus in general
[6:19] JJJ Tone: so we can fix a part of the budget to buy something
[6:19] JJJ Tone: for our project LS in SL


[6:19] abf1 Racecourse: ok
[6:19] JJJ Tone: ;-)
[6:19] abf1 Racecourse: ;)
[6:20] You: but for us its been tought to understand how/where to buy land
[6:20] JJJ Tone: maybe, the first initiative would be to have more infos about how to buy,what price, (educational ones),and so on
[6:20] JJJ Tone: yes alejo
[6:20] abf1 Racecourse: we have look for how to buy with our students in the ARC
[6:21] You: you at EESI seem to have understood how to do it
[6:21] JJJ Tone: so?
[6:21] abf1 Racecourse: yes we ahd
[6:21] abf1 Racecourse: had
[6:21] JJJ Tone: how much per year?
[6:21] abf1 Racecourse: so we could be it and open it for all
[6:21] abf1 Racecourse: it's depend of how big ;-)
[6:21] JJJ Tone: an island
[6:21] abf1 Racecourse: there is 3 sort o island
[6:22] JJJ Tone: the basic one,maybe
[6:22] abf1 Racecourse: small to big
[6:22] JJJ Tone: or what is the differences? more bigger, more prompts? no?
[6:22] abf1 Racecourse: i didn't have the price in my mnd
[6:22] abf1 Racecourse: mor bigger
[6:22] abf1 Racecourse: and more expensive per month
[6:22] JJJ Tone: ok maybe we can open a topic about buying on your forum?
[6:23] abf1 Racecourse: because we have to rent the place after buying it !
[6:23] JJJ Tone: yes I know
[6:23] abf1 Racecourse: it's about 300€ per month
[6:23] abf1 Racecourse: taxes
[6:23] You: if its in the educational grid should be cheaper no?
[6:23] abf1 Racecourse: and more and more if you build a lot
[6:24] JJJ Tone: yes I think aleij
[6:24] abf1 Racecourse: yes i thing but not so much
[6:24] You: ok
[6:24] You: to buy in the educational grid
[6:24] You: do one need special paper work?
[6:24] You: i guess
[6:24] You: that might make it more slow even
[6:25] abf1 Racecourse: hubertus said me we could buy it tomorrow if we need it
[6:25] JJJ Tone: it depends on how we preview the administrative stuff... on how to mange with your project of Second School with invitations...
[6:25] abf1 Racecourse: the question is how you can participate after ?
[6:25] JJJ Tone: manage,sorry
[6:25] abf1 Racecourse: mange ;-)
[6:26] You: abf1 one, agree thats the question, how to develop collabs and also how to share expenses
[6:26] JJJ Tone: in fact, Locus Sonus could be invited ? but in this way how to share budgets?
[6:26] abf1 Racecourse: ok we invite locus
[6:26] abf1 Racecourse: and i could ask hubertus how fast we could buy it
[6:27] JJJ Tone: ok
[6:27] abf1 Racecourse: but for me the budget is ready
[6:27] JJJ Tone: ok
[6:27] abf1 Racecourse: comme si vous étiez en résidence
[6:27] JJJ Tone: alejo,you're dancing? ;-)
[6:28] You: hehe
[6:28] You: moving my body
[6:28] You: my back hurts
[6:28] You: if i stand still in SL
[6:28] JJJ Tone: yes , but I'm not sure that to duplicate what we do in RL is the real solution in SL ;-)
[6:28] JJJ Tone: residencies,labels, and so on
[6:29] abf1 Racecourse: ok
[6:29] JJJ Tone: maybe we can speak about a research and educational island opened by EESI ...
[6:29] abf1 Racecourse: yes we do
[6:30] JJJ Tone: and with projects located on this island (so we can rent a part of lands on this island)...
[6:30] abf1 Racecourse: ok
[6:30] JJJ Tone: but I don't know if it's a good way with prompts constraints
[6:30] abf1 Racecourse: hope to have budget during march ? is that cool ?
[6:31] JJJ Tone: yes sure
[6:31] You: yes
[6:31] abf1 Racecourse: after we have to make a "convention" between EESI and Locus or othe admin
[6:31] JJJ Tone: maybe you'll have to see with Humbertus what kind of agreement ...
[6:32] JJJ Tone: concerning sharing lands on your island
[6:33] JJJ Tone: our budget with DICREAM is not so high, in fact not enough to buy an island and to rent it during a year this is because the co-operation to develop a place in SL is needed
[6:33] abf1 Racecourse: ok i understand
[6:34] abf1 Racecourse: i don't how our si high but i think we could aim to succeed in it
[6:34] JJJ Tone: yes
[6:35] JJJ Tone: donc la méthode serait que tu vois acvec Humbertus ce qu'il est possible de faire
[6:35] abf1 Racecourse: so next step his to propose a "convention" by our administration
[6:35] abf1 Racecourse: oui en français oui
[6:35] abf1 Racecourse: ;-)
[6:35] JJJ Tone: et ensuite nous avisons ensemble sur les prix,le mode de convention, et comment ceci se met en place...
[6:36] JJJ Tone: résidences, ou loueurs d'un espace sur votre ile, etc
[6:36] abf1 Racecourse: ok
[6:36] JJJ Tone: de notre côté,nous allons voir avec l'équipe qcq serait possible d'envisager
[6:37] abf1 Racecourse: pareil ici, je vais voir avec la secrétaire générale
[6:37] abf1 Racecourse: je vais essayer de prendre un rdv avec elle la semaine prochaine elle est au courant
[6:37] JJJ Tone: tout dépend aussi si l'île est une Seconde EESI, ou si c'est plus général, un lieu d'expérimentation porté par l'EESI en collaboration avec d'autres projets et structures (tels que le nôtre)
[6:38] JJJ Tone: c'est une question importante
[6:38] abf1 Racecourse: je pense la deuxième idée
[6:38] JJJ Tone: ok
[6:38] JJJ Tone: en effet, cela pourrait mutualisé avec d'autres projets
[6:39] abf1 Racecourse: l'idée d'une seconde EESI pourrait revenir après mais on peut couper l'ile en deux avec un gros interdit
[6:39] JJJ Tone: ;-)
[6:39] abf1 Racecourse: (joke)
[6:39] abf1 Racecourse: so
[6:39] JJJ Tone: réellement,c'est un serveur à partager
[6:40] abf1 Racecourse: oui entk dans notre ARC c'est notre idée
[6:40] abf1 Racecourse: maintenant que le modèle éco de SL s'est cassé la gueule we can create ;-)
[6:40] JJJ Tone: ok on se dit à la prochaine ?
[6:40] JJJ Tone: alejo don't eat too much chocolate, ok?
[6:40] JJJ Tone: ok abf
[6:40] abf1 Racecourse: oui je reviens vers vous soon as possible
[6:41] abf1 Racecourse: same place as you want
[6:41] You: i go tonite to koln for that linux audio conf
[6:41] JJJ Tone: ok
[6:41] You: not much time here :S
[6:41] abf1 Racecourse: lucky aleij
[6:41] abf1 Racecourse: ok go
[6:41] abf1 Racecourse: thx for all
[6:41] You: ok abf1
[6:41] abf1 Racecourse: and it's a nice project
[6:41] JJJ Tone: aleij, thanks to prepare a report for us after Köln, please
[6:41] You: sure
[6:41] abf1 Racecourse: :)
[6:42] You: i made some screenshots
[6:42] You: of this meeting
[6:42] abf1 Racecourse: i do it too
[6:42] JJJ Tone: wow wow
[6:42] You: and will bring a video camera to koln
[6:42] You: so 2 reports
[6:42] JJJ Tone: je m'enfonce dans le sable
[6:42] abf1 Racecourse: good
[6:42] abf1 Racecourse: allez buy je retourne en cours
[6:42] abf1 Racecourse: nice to meet here in SL
[6:42] JJJ Tone: ok a plus tard, keep in touch by mail
[6:42] You: was fun
[6:43] abf1 Racecourse: on finira peut-être par se croiser en vrai un jour
[6:43] JJJ Tone: et envoie nous des novuelles d'Humbertus après ton entrevue
[6:43] abf1 Racecourse: of course
[6:43] JJJ Tone: oui en vrai
[6:43] abf1 Racecourse: ;-)
[6:43] abf1 Racecourse: GO
[6:43] JJJ Tone: cia ociao
[6:43] You: ciao
[6:43] abf1 Racecourse: Hey!
[6:43] abf1 Racecourse: i go for a walk
[6:44] abf1 Racecourse: Hey!
[6:44] abf1 Racecourse: but i stay in SL
[6:44] abf1 Racecourse: because we are all in SL this afternoom with my students
[6:45] You: ahh good
[6:45] You: i shoud add you as a contact
[6:45] abf1 Racecourse: od course
[6:45] abf1 Racecourse: could i too ?
[6:45] You: certainly
[6:45] You: tx
[6:45] You: like this is easier to meet up again
[6:46] abf1 Racecourse: yes
[6:46] abf1 Racecourse: go with my formula 1 car ;-)
// 2008/02/27 15:54 /
[6:46] You: haha
[6:46] You: :)
[6:47] abf1 Racecourse: i go
[6:47] You: ok
[6:47] You: ciao
[6:47] abf1 Racecourse: Hey!
[6:47] You: nice afternoon
[6:47] abf1 Racecourse: ciao
[6:47] abf1 Racecourse: u2
[6:04] You: Greg lyn
[6:05] You shout: jerome whe are here!