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  • ListPlugins provides this page :)
  • RSS plugin tracks all changes made to pages in form of diffs. Default location for feed is here.
  • SelectLanguage creates select box in which you can choose language.
  • Tables provides flexible and powerful syntax. Help how to use it is located here.
  • InlineDiff provides inline diff which is much better than default built-in
  • Meta adds meta tags keywords and description to the page. Syntax {description:This page is about cats and dogs} and {keywords:Cats, Dogs}.
  • Admin plugin provides advanced administration functions protected by password
  • Install is installation helper plugin.
  • Slimbox plugin plugin provides Slimbox galleries using syntax: [images/thumb/thumbnail.png|images/picture.jpg|Caption of the image].
  • WhatLinksHere plugin gives list of pages linking to selected article. Function is triggered by action="whatlinkshere" with properly set parameter page.
  • PageVersions provides list of language versions of current article.
  • Upload plugin provides uploading files to the server.
  • Tags supports assigning tags to pages, can create list of tags and/or tag cloud.
  • SelectTemplate creates select box in which you can choose template.