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summer 2006
Session 1
August 2006

Open Call to participate in the Locus Sonus Audio Streaming project !!

• This is a call from the French based Audio in art research group Locus Sonus to participate in their streamed soundscapes open web-mike project.

• Open an ogg audio stream from your home or garden (no pre-recorded playlists please) and become a remote member of the Locus Sonus orchestra.

• Locus Sonus proposes to use the sound from your environment as raw material for their installations and performances. As an added bonus all streams will be made available on a web page so that you can do your own international mix at will.

• We are hopeing to obtain a variety of streams from diverse and exotic locations, the imaginative potential of the project and it's future development depends on diversity and richness the streams you propose. We will be happy to discuss artistic and technical issues with you.

• To participate in this project, contact


To listen to the streams already available click here:

To download a PD patch and start streaming click here:

To see video documentation of our previous presentations and to find out more about Locus Sonus in general, click here:


Presentations start from 15th to 30th of August in various performance and installation situations, starting with DIGIT Delaware Delaware Valley Arts Alliance & Roebling Bridge Environmental Arts and LMCC (Lower Manhattan Cultural Council) in partnership with THE THING Inc. (New York) with the support of Étant Donnés, The French-American Fund for Contemporary Art.

Presentations continue in the fall with an installation during the Arborescence festival in Aix-en-Provence, France, and an installation performance at GMEM, Marseille France.

audio stream sent to a wire
delaware arts center
roebling bridge


To Start Streaming You will Need :
  • a PC or Mac dedicated to the stream (an old 450 MHz machine should do).
  • a sound card recognized by your operating system.
  • a microphone (3$ radioshack mike is fine).
  • streaming software (we propose that you download our PD patch and run it (link) using PureData : that way you can customize your stream (for osX, Windows and Linux). We recommend that you use this Hans Christoph Steiner's extended version which includes the necessary ogg vorbis libraries.
  • a high speed internet connection and a network router.
We obtained the good results using the Dyne:bolic Linux distribution
The advantage being thats it's a liveCD (so you don't have to install the system) and that PD and all the necessary externals are already installed. You might run into difficulties if the system doesn't recognize the PCs built in sound card in which case the easiest option is to find an old soundblaster card and disactivate the built-in card in the bios.

It's important for us to get a wide range of soundscapes and social situations, remember that urban sound is pretty similar around the western world so you might want to chose to place your microphone so as to capture interesting or unique aspects of your environment and also to listen to the other current streams to caracterize yours.

We are also finding that in most circumstances it is preferable to customize the patch, sometimes a little filtering is all thats needed (as for example: port.ogg) but we've also built a sampling patch which records and plays back recent sound events continually updating its database (as for example: cap15.ogg).